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"You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile"


Yellowing Teeth is common and most everyone will experience this at some point in their life. Many factors contribute to yellowing teeth:

  • Aging

  • Genetics

  • Smoking

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Some Medications

Our professional teeth whitening system is designed to give you teeth 2-8 shades lighter in one visit!  Book online or call to schedule your session.


One 20 minute session is only $99

Get your Second and third same day sessions for 1/2 off!  

Hurry this offer expires soon!

Close-up Of A Smiling Woman's Teeth Before And After Whitening.jpg

Teeth Whitening

taylor teeth whitening.jpg
rita teeth whitening.JPG
kayla teeth whitening collage.JPG
charles teeth whitening.JPG

Before and After

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