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This product was formulated to mimic the effects of Botox®. The active ingredients in VENOM are Argirelene 10% and Synake 4%; these two ingredients represent the best in cutting edge anti-aging technology available today. The Argirelene acts as a topical Botox, while the Synake utilizes the same paralytic effects of snake venom.
The most obvious signs of skin aging are wrinkles, more specifically wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions or facial expression. Crow’s Feet, Brow Furrow, creases in the forehead, up-per-lip lines are all problem areas. These movements can be inhibited by the blocking of signals sent from the neurotransmitters to the muscle telling it to flex or contract. Twice daily applica-tion of Venom to targeted areas will decrease wrinkle depth by more than 65% in 30 days. Wrinkle depth is significantly reduced.


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