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REGNER8combines several active ingredients of plant based stem cells, peptides and anti-oxidants.  Rich with epigenetic factors and metabolites that will help to maintain the regenerative potential of human skin stem cells.  REGENER8 responds to aging, chemical stress and UV damage by altering metabolic pathways.  This is a top anti-aging product that will also reverse major signs of skin aging.

xternal stress factors such as UV radiation, smoking and air pollution don’t only directly damage our skin but also indirectly, in as they also start the inflammatory cascade where various inflammation mediators are initially released.  The process ends with not only the reddening of the skin, but unfortunately also a destabilization of the collagen fiber matrix, the breakdown of the extracellular matrix and a reduction in the energy of the cells.  The cells die away much faster.

Plant C-Stem inhibits the synthesis of the key inflammation mediators and increases the production of extracellular matrix components. It also stabilizes the collagen fiber matrix and improves communication between cells and extracellular matrix so that the survival of the individual cells is improved.

Regener8 stem cell serum

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