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Oil-Free Moisture Smoother is the perfect formulation for those who are battling acne or oily prone skin. Even people that are afflicted with acne can still have dry and dehydrated skin, we find this to be true in most cases. Unfortunately clients will begin to self medicate with over the counter products that contain alcohol or other harsh ingredients that promise to “dry up” their acne before they seek the help of a skin care professional. What we find is that they are dehydrat-ing their skin exacerbating the problem.
Our dermis is very much like a computer and it holds a memory of what we are applying to it. Your skin will recognize that we are applying exfoliators at an increased rate, stripping the essen-tial oils, it will begin to produce excess oils. Then we enter a vicious circle. The more we apply an exfoliator the more oil our skin will produce, something has got to give. By applying our Oil-Free Moisture Smoother twice daily it will alleviate the over pro-duction of oils and level out the pH of the skin.
Oil-Free Moisture Smoother is non-acidic and oil-free to properly hydrate the skin, correcting pH levels. A daily corrective regimen for oily and acne prone skin will work quite quickly as long as the client is diligent with its application.

oil free moisturizer

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