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187 Alpine Dr.

Shelbyville, Ky 

 101 Manor Ave.

Suite 105

Bardstown, Ky 

"Meal replacements make it easier to eat without spending a lot of time shopping or preparing foods while still maintaining proper nutrition"

Using Meal Replacements in Obesity Treatment: Grade School to Grandparents
- Craig Primack, MD, FACP, FAAP, FOMA

At Inspire Weight Loss we provide an individualized program that caters to fit your lifestyle. 

You will work together with the medical staff to develop a plan along with nutritional education and exercise tailored to your needs. We focus on behavior and learning weight management techniques to lose the weight AND keep it off!

From pharmacotherapy to meal replacements; we cover it all!

Weight loss medications can include:

  • phentermine

  • diethylpropion

  • phendimetrizine

  • saxenda

  • mounjaro

  • glp 1

  • ozempic

  • contrave

  • semaglutide

  • plenity

  • protrim

  • diucaps

  • qsymia

  • topirimate

  • b-12 injections

  • lipo fat burning injections

  • NutriMed Medical meal replacements

  • and more! 



Why choose you?

    Many of the staff at Inspire Medical Weight Loss have been through the program                                          themselves. We truly care about helping others find the right plan to fit their lifestyles. We are                a medical weight loss facility, so we look into your history as well as your labs to determine if there      are medical reasons for weight gain. If we do find that there is a medical reason behind it, we will          help you address that FIRST.           

    Here, your health is our first concern.

Why meal replacements?   

       Medical meal replacements will help you achieve your goals, and have been clinically proven and           scientifically designed to work in conjunction with your meal plan-they are critical to your                       success. A loss of 3-7 lbs the first few weeks then a loss of 3-5 lbs per week. All medically                             supervised safe and complete nutrition. 

Are over the counter supplements equal?

      Protein is they key to weight loss and our medical meal replacements provide 100 percent of your          dietary needs while helping you achieve safe weight loss. over-the-counter products have not been        tested and verified for completeness or protein quality. 

Are medical meal replacements more expensive? 

      Our medical meal replacements are affordable and can fit in any budget. The price of groceries or          over-the-counter meal replacements is comparable. PLUS you get weekly support from our medical        team to help you make the changes for life!

What does it cost?

     Each new patient visit includes your health history, weight and other biometrics, EKG, urinalysis,           blood work if needed and a prescription if appropriate for $169.99. 


     Monthly follow up visits are $85.99


     Annual labs and EKG $50.00 (price included in your first visit for the first year)


     Add a b12 ($15.00) or lipo fat burning injection ($22.00) as well!

Patient Before and After

This husband and wife came in together and have maintained their weight loss!

20201104-102508 (1).jpg

In only four months, this patient lost 50 Lbs. 

This patient lost over 50 lbs. and is continuing her healthy lifestyle!

christy weight loss.jpg
robards before and after.jpg
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